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The Big Valley Vintage Tool and Collectibles Museum  (the Rod Miller Collection)


In 2011, we received a huge collection of antique tools and other collectibles from Rod and Ione Miller.  First, we gave Rod some space in one of our 1950's railway baggage cars (Museum of Collectibles ) located near the railroad station here in Big Valley.  But we needed more space to properly display the exhibit.  


In the fall of 2015, we finished constructing a new 40 foot by 96 foot building and moved all Rod's tools from the railcar as well as many thousands more down from his workshop at his home.  We have been busy cataloging the collection and setting them up on display racks, wallboards and shelves.


We will be having a grand opening sometime in the summer of 2015--exact date and events not yet decided.



Our newest building, the Vintage Tool and Collectibles Museum
 The building as seen from the side shows its quonset construction.


Our latest museum is located at 39 Railway Ave. S--just beside the Big Valley Inn's parking lot--across the street from the Railway Station.  It is a steel Quonset type building but we added a old fashioned western style front.  It is wheel chair accessible.

 The building is a metal building 40 feet by 96 feet.  We have spent approximately $200,000 to build it.  We would like to thank Alberta Lottery Funds CFEP grant for $75,000 towards our project and the many companies and private donors who also contributed.  The Big Valley Historical Society also used two of our casino receipts (approx $50,000) 


Ione Miller's doll collection
Rod Miller's tools and collectibles


Rod's wife Ione has a large collection of dolls that we are proud to now add to our collection.   There are several display cases exhibiting her dolls and some of her glassware.

Rod has nearly every tool you can think of and many you would never think of.  He refers to himself as a monkeywrenchologist and can oftn be seen driving his motorized bathtub, the tubmobile.    This picture shows Rod proudly showing off one of his tools to one of our visitors.

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