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Big Valley's Alberta Wheat Pool Elevator

This is Big Valley's last grain elevator and was saved by our society when it closed in 1997.    It is easy to see on Railway Ave as you enter the village.  Feel free to wander around and take pictures.  To see inside, you need to contact a member of the historical society.  Visit McAlister Motors Garage Museum  which is one block north.  If we are off-season phone one of the numbers posted to arrange to see inside.  For further iinfo on the elevator see its listing under OUR ATTRACTIONS

McAlister Motors Garage Museum

This is our main museum.   It is located at 57 Railway Ave. S.  We are open in the summer and other times by appointment.  (phone: 403-876-2571 or 403-876-2593).  It was a 1930's garage .  See full story under OUR ATTRACTIONS.  The museum has household antiques and collectibles on the south side and antique cars and trucks on the north side.  There are also tractors and other equipment in the compound beside it.  This building is on Railway Avenue between the elevator and the train station.  Easy to find.

Vintage Tool and Collectibles Museum

The Big Valley Historical Society is  a nonprofit charitable society dedicated to the preservation and display of heritage buildings and artifacts from our small village of Big Valley, Alberta and local area.   We would love to have you stop in for a visit.  We have many historic displays and heritage sites to show you.


 Big Valley, Alberta, is located in the central part of Alberta..  We are a three hour drive south  east from Edmonton,  a two hour drive north east from Calgary, and a one hour drive almost straight east from Red Deer.  We are located just off of Highway 56  and Highway 590.    (one hour drive straight north of Drumheller, half an hour drive south of Stettler)


Our society is  involved in the acquisition and restoration of several older structures located in our village.    We own and maintain two Provincial Heritage sites---the 1916 St. Edmunds Anglican Church which is more often referred to as the Blue Church, and the village's last remaining grain elevator-the 1960's Alberta Wheat Pool Elevator.


We have museum pieces on exhibit in several areas in the town.   We have an archival collection of Big Valley historical documents and maps.  We also have a small gift center with t-shirts, postcards, pins, spoons  and   several history books for sale.

St. Edmunds Anglican Church

This is St. Edmunds Anglican Church built in 1916 on this site.  This is one of the first buildings we saved and restored.   It is located on the west hill overlooking the village.  Feel free to drive up and take pictures but if you would like to see inside you need to contact a mamber of the historical society.  Visit McAlister Motors down by the elevator and ask to see the church.  If the museum is closed phone one of the contact numbers posted there.  For further info on the blue church see its listing under OUR ATTRACTIONS.

Railcar Displays


On Railway Avenue, by the Canadian Northern Railway station , our society has two 1950's baggage cars that have museum displays in them.   The first car as you enter them used to have  an impressive display of over 3500 antique hand tools. However these tools have now moved across the street to the new Vintage Tool and collectibles museum.   This car will be having some renovations done to it and then a new and yet undecided exhibit will be going into it.


The second railcar you enter has a collection of toys, model trains, and a large collection of over 1500 salt and pepper shakers.  This car is still open for viewing despite the renovation to the first car.

Our newest museum is located at 39 Railway Ave.  It houses a huge display of approximately 12,000 antique tools, collectibles trucks, tractors and cars and a doll collection.

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