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Alberta Wheat Pool Elevator

When the Big Valley Historical Society heard of the closing of Big Valley's last grain elevator, in 1997 they jumped in to preserve it.  Negotiations began with the owner Agricore and the elevator was saved---however the older section had to be destroyed and only the newer 1960's fully functional portion was restored and painted to original  Alberta Wheat Pool colors.  It is still complete inside and visitors can tour and see what a grain elevator looks like and how it functioned.  The site has now received the honor of becoming an Alberta Heritage site.

What it used to look like

The older portion, on the left, was built in 1920.  The newer larger portion on the right was built in 1960 and the older portion was gutted to  be a storage bin.  This was what it looked like when it was to be closed and demolished in 1997.

Coming Down

Our society  could only purchase one of the two elevators and we chose the newer portion which was the "working" elevator.  So the 1920 portion came down.

Getting a new paint job

We painted our newly acquired elevator​ in 1999 back to original Alberta Wheat Pool colours and logo.  The elevator was painted again in 2007.   It will now remain as a village historical landmark and as a Provincial Heritage site.


Tourist Attraction

The elevator will remain preserved much as it was when it closed its doors.  We have added a few posters and pictures inside on the walls and have a video machine which can show several movies on the operation of the elevator or the demolition of its older portion.  It can be viewed by making an appointment at our main museum, McAlister Motors Garage.

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