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Family Histories from Thanks for the Memories Volume One

We have compiled and published several history books.  Our one book, first published in 1999, was called Thanks for the Memories.


As we accumulated more stories, family histories, and historic facts about Big Valley, the book grew so large we divided it into 3 volumes:  Thanks for the Memories Family Histories, Thanks for the Memories-Schools, Churches, sports, and Organizations,   and Thanks for the Memories, Commercial and Main Street.


However the  family histories  book has gotten so large it is awkward.  And because it is so large it has become pricey to publish.  So I have decided to break it up and put it online.    


II have listed all the family stories from Volume 1 alphabetically by family last name.  


 I am giving free access rights to everyone, so feel free to print out whatever you want.  Enjoy!

If you would rather buy a hard copy of any of our books please email us at

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